Password Tips for #WorldPasswordDay

For #WorldPasswordDay the best thing you can do in observance is  – update all of your passwords.  

Changing passwords can sound like the biggest pain in the ass ever right now but get over it.  It’s super important to change it regularly to keep cybercriminals off your back.

Here are a few tips to help you stay secure – 

  1.  In recent years there have a been a few companies killing it at the password management game.  My go-to is LastPass which makes password storage easy between your computer, phone, and other devices.  They simply (and securely) store your passwords and automatically log you into the sites you visit.  There are others that are notable as mentioned in this article from Mashable
  2. When creating a password, keep these tips in mind: 
  3. But also note that you should always use a combination of numbers and capitalized/lower case characters
  4. Little know fact – in most cases, the space is recognized in your password so you can actually go ahead and hit that space bar when setting your password.  Example: tHis c0u1d Beavali d P@ssw0rd
  5. This just needs to be said right…don’t share your passwords or post a sticky note to your computer. Ok, we have gotten that out of the way.
  6. Another pain in the ass but again, get over it – Use the two-step authenticator when available.
  7. Added phone and tablet security – Use the passcode, fingerprint or face recognition.  Never just leave your mobile device open for anyone to get into easily.
  8. Don’t click it if you don’t know who sent it.  Even if you recognize the sender but something doesn’t seem right.  If it seems fishy remember it is called phishing for a reason.  Be wary but not paranoid.

Stay safe out there!  Have questions or need assistance?  Comment below.

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