Poem: Did She Know?

Written & Submitted By Hannah H.

I look into the eyes
Of a very young soul
And see myself years earlier
And I can only help but wonder
If she knew what was to come

If she knew one day,
Ten years later,
She would be standing on the edge,
Thinking about falling off.

If this little girl,
With the same eyes,
Knew that she would kiss a boy,
One who broke her heart.

If she knew how loved, she is
How she will be loved forever,
And she must choose
Who she loves back.

If she did know about the pain,
If she knew about the love,
Would she have done anything differently?
Sometimes I wish she did.

I wish that little girl
With Eyes so blue,
Could have stopped the pain
Before it began.

Though if she had,
I would not exist.
I would not be able to learn
To learn from my falls

So, I must thank her
That little girl
Who did everything right
Even if she did something wrong.

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