5 Minutes with Kimberly Ramsay, Cookbook Author and Blogger

Kimberly Ramsay is a graphic designer and author of, Inspired Fare.  She is passionate about charity work and her caring heart paid off when she was invited to participate in Oprah’s last Favorite Things show in 2010. 
Last month, Kimberly launched her new recipe blog, eatdrinkginger.com, where you can find delicious recipes plus a little extra!  

Why did you create eatdrinkginger.com?
I love to cook and wanted an outlet to share my own personal recipes with people along with my love for music. 

What are some challenges you have faced so far?
Using WordPress and the format of creating a blog was all completely foreign to me so setting up Eat Drink Ginger was a challenge. I am still learning so much but once the initial blog was set up the rest hasn’t been nearly as daunting. 
What are some successes you have faced so far?
Getting feedback from people who have made my recipes and loved them has been so awesome!!  

What is your overall goal for Eat Drink Ginger?
To grow my audience so I can enjoy sharing more and more recipes, music, and tips on cooking with as many people as possible. I hope to eventually find a way to use the blog to make a charitable difference but not sure yet how I plan to do that. 
What has been the most fun recipe to make so far?
Hmmmm. The Sundried tomato & thyme spread with toasted pine nuts and cranberries is the most creative recipe that I have come up with all on my own so I am proud of it. The Caprese appetizer is also a huge crowd pleaser whenever I make it. 
For a novice in the kitchen, which of your recipes do you recommend?
The Garden Capresé Salad with Pita Chips and Simple, Decadent, Deep-Dark Chocolate Pudding.  are both easy and delicious. Also, the Peanut Butter Mousse is stupidly easy and tasty. 
What’s unique about Eat Drink Ginger?
For starters, I put photos in every recipe of ingredients that may not be easily identifiable.  I want to make it as easy as possible for people to be able to follow my recipes, as well as make them their own by adding their own twists.

Secondly, I share three songs in every post from different music genres. I love music and hope others who do so as well can find some new tunes to enjoy while on my blog. I plan to ocassionally create music posts and talk about the songs in my recipes. Those posts will be bonus posts, in addition to my weekly food related ones. 

How did you come up with the name, Eat Drink Ginger?
That was really challenging. I knew it should be about food and wanted to incorporate something about myself. I am a redhead so that was an easy one to use. The first ideas I loved, I ran by my husband and he said they sounded like porn sites: Tasty ginger or the delicious ginger, OMG HE WAS RIGHT! So I then tried thinking of food-related sayings that were catchy. Eventually, I found Eat Drink Ginger and was thrilled it was available. It is perfect! I added a tagline “Eat, drink, dance, repeat” as soon as I decided I had to include my love of music on the blog. 

 Stuff we just wanna know… 

  1. Where is your happy place? In pjs at home most evenings.
  2. Wine, water or whiskey? Yes, yes, and yes! (haha)
  3. Favorite kind of vacation? I Love going to the beach every summer. The vibe in beach towns is the best. Everyone is in vacation mode and I love the summer breeze off the ocean at night and the sound of the seagulls. 
  4. What is your “Warrior Woman” label: Creative Warrior
  5. Do you consider yourself a feminist? I believe in equality for all. 

You can find Kimberly on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

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