Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit?

Anyone ages 15 and up.  We encourage women/anyone who identifies as a woman to submit. 

Can men submit?

We are inclusionary so we do take submissions from men (ages 15+) who want to submit something from the female perspective.

Do you accept video content?

Absofrigginlutely.  … yes.  That is a strong yes – but they do have to be a finished product but YEEEEESSSSSSSS.  So, in case not clear…. yes.

Is there a minimum or maximum word count for blog/writing submissions?

Nope.  Actually, if you want more readers, we do suggest between 500 and 1,200 words but there are no limits in either direction.  If you submit one word, it will have to be pretty dynamic to pass our editorial board so keep that in mind.  Serious submissions only, please.

Can I submit something anonymously?

You can’t submit it to us anonymously, but we can keep your submission anonymous on the site.  Please contact us directly for additional security measures for anonymous submissions.

Will BelaKharma promote my submission?

HECK YEAH, we will!  We share everything posted on the site through our social media channels and encourage you to do the same through yours.

Do you reject any submissions?

We haven’t so far but can’t say that we never will.  

What if I have never written a blog post or done anything like this?

Oh, no worries!  We got you!  We are happy to guide you through the process and hold your hand as much as you need.