Keisha Sutton-James, Contributing Editor

Keisha Sutton-James
Contributing Editor, BelaKharma Community Media 


Keisha Sutton-James is a media executive who believes in creating and utilizing media in order to elevate and engage its consumers around topics that are relevant to the African-American community and women. 

Keisha has spent over a decade in media management at Inner City Broadcasting Corporation in various areas: first, she managed the company‚Äôs digital platform, with full responsibility for interactive strategy, technical infrastructure, and staffing, product development, and monetization.  In 2011, a subsidiary company, Inner City Media, filed for bankruptcy.  Keisha became the point person in the company, managing strategic, legal, public relations and other elements of the bankruptcy process for the companies.  Since completing the bankruptcy, in addition to doing strategy and finance for Inner City, Keisha has developed content for various conferences and live events and is now working on the biography and documentary of her grandfather, the late attorney, politician and businessman Percy Sutton.  

Keisha resides in Harlem with her husband, Michael, and two amazing daughters, Nola and Shelby. #BreastCancerSurvivor

Keisha joins the BelaKharma team as a contributing editor and blogger.  

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