Kharma I. Finley-Wallace, Co-Founder

Kharma I. Finley-Wallace
Co-Founder, BelaKharma Community Media 

Kharma I. Finley-Wallace (KharmaIsis) is an award-winning marketing professional.  Her company, HoverFly Media specializes in small business digital marketing.

She and Bela recently left the publishing world after a brief stint in 2017 and decided to start a movement.  Born from the idea is BelaKharma, a burgeoning community of women to share through multiple media channels.

Personally, she is blessed with a large blended family that includes 3 boys, 1 girl, co-parents and all.  She is a summer native of Martha’s Vineyard and loves to cook, craft, write, watch just about every sitcom ever created and cries at the end of EVERY Grey’s Anatomy episode.

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