Margery S. Marcelino, Contributing Editor

Margery S. Marcelino 
Contributing Editor, BelaKharma Community Media 

Margery S. Marcelino is a mother, musician, writer & actress, occasionally freelances in short-film music scoring & lives in West Los Angeles. She graduated from LA County HS for the Arts (LACHSA) & Howard University.

After the break up of her 3rd band, “The Wolf”(punk-rock soul), she decided it was time to get back on her own-so her son gave her the new name of “VelvetQ”.

She loves Netflix-but prefers to watch sci-fi’s in theaters, comedians, wine & coffee, dancing, painting, cooking/gardening, travel, archery & fencing, basketball, Harley’s/Classic Cars, yachts, horses, & RockNRoll. To open up for Robert Plant,  would be a dream come true for her. 

Margery joins the BelaKharma team as a contributing editor and blogger.  

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