Terrie Christine

Terrie Christine
Intuitive Life Coach and Author

Terrie Christine helps her clients reconnect with the deeper forces and powers within themselves to create a fuller, more satisfying life.  She helps pinpoint what you cannot easily see for yourself.  With her gifts, she has the ability to help you release a painful past, realize more clarity in your future, obtain a feeling that life is easy or even improve the income you want.

Rather than focusing on traditional elements of life, such as goal-setting, habits, and skills, Terrie integrates spiritual principles as well. By assessing your energy and emphasizing emotional and spiritual healing, She helps you release the blockages that keep you from moving forward. 

Her new book, “The Secret Power of You” reveals the mystery of your own intuition; how limiting beliefs trigger your responses and your subconscious runs your present life.  Unravel the negative energy wrapped around your past life history to expose the stories you tell yourself that keep you from living an open, joyous life, filled with clarity, comfort, peace, abundance, and love.

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