5 Tips to Alleviate Office Stress While on Vacation

Get Organized So You Can Enjoy Your Vacation and Not Come Back to Madness at Work!
I hear from people all the time that they dread going on vacation or taking any time off work because when they come back the workload is out of control.  They ask themselves was it really worth it?  Okay, I am telling you, it is worth it!  Why, all work and no play makes you overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed-out and irritable towards others.  
You absolutely need to time away from work, for your sanity as well as those around you.  
Getting ready to go on vacation can be stressful and then coming back from vacation can even be worse, if you don’t have strategies in place to handle the day to day grind.  
So how can you keep yourself sane and not dread going on vacation or even taking work with you?  Here are 5 tips…


1. Setting up an automatic “Out of Office Greeting” for voicemail and email.  List the dates you will be on vacation and when you return.


2. Delegate your tasks to others.  Share your duties.  Spread them around so others can learn and appreciate you when you get back.  Take on their duties when they are out of the office.  Be a good team player and work buddy.  If you are an entrepreneur,  find a business friend in the same field of work to cover for you and reciprocate back.  
3. Send emails a week or two before your vacation to all current customers, clients, coworkers, boss and other departments, that you will be out of the office and you will get back.  Ask if they need something done before you leave so they don’t bombard you when you return.


4. Schedule all your business social media activity in advance. Consider a pin at the top of your pages and profiles that you will be on vacation and when you will return.


5. Don’t schedule or volunteer for any new projects that you can’t complete before going on vacation.  Start them after you get back and let your clients/customers know in advance that you will start them after your return.  

Communication is the key to a successful relaxing no-work vacation.  Prepping everyone before you go will assure no last minute surprises.  By enjoying your time off you will come back motivated, inspired and refreshed.  

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