Tips to Spring up Your Living Space

When I think of spring, I think of how Mother Nature is showing off her beauty and her power to refresh and renew life. All that has been in hibernation is awakened and all that turned brown is rejuvenated with vibrant colors. 

This season’s freshness can be transitioned into your home with these few simple steps…

Change pillows, bedding and throws.  Use brighter colors and lighter airy fabrics. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color, play with patterns and go bold with pillows and throws.  These simple accessories can be fun accent colors because they are grounded by what is around them. Just remember: you don’t want too much of a good thing. Transitioning bedding from winter to spring/summer means eliminating the layers that aren’t needed, but it can also immediately brighten a room. Use a smple white or bright bedding to set a bright, enlivened tone to the room. 

A nice way to open up a room and make it airy is to remove the area rugs. For a softer spring feel, let the floors see the light.  It’s a less weighty look and feel, and your hardwood floors will appreciate the light. You will notice the color difference in the hardwood areas that are covered versus those that are uncovered.  The more you expose them, the less contrast. Let them breathe.  They too derive their day in the syn.

Out with the old and in with the new.  Swap out accessories and artwork for a warmer season feel. The dark heavy art can be tucked away for fun bright bold colorful pieces with more movement. Lighter frames replace the dark wood. Store the heavy porcelain pieces and let a wooden bowl or glass pitcher with lemons represent a simplicity, nature and rebirth. Think airy elements and colors. Spring decor should be fun, carefree and simple. 

The fresh scent of spring is also an easy element to capture. It’s the smell of flowers in bloom and all things awakening. Trade winter candle scents of cinnamon and apples for exotic fruits, flowery and nature-inspired scents. Use a fresh, clean and ocean breeze as inspiration. Fresh cut flowers from the garden, farmers market or local store are always a fan favorite.  There is never a shortage of color or type. Flowers are personal, they speak to a certain style, mood, and fragrance. The fun part is that you can change it up every week!  Alternate the vases for an added surprise.  Have fun with them!  Keep in mind that decorating on a budget can be done, and the items you invest in will be used again next spring! 

Lastly and most importantly, simplify and organize.  Spring and summer is for carefree living, enjoying the outdoors and coming home rejuvenated. It’s time to spring clean: clothes, closets, decor and personal papers/bills etc. Out with the old and time for a refresh.  Toss it, donate, declutter, organize and repurpose. If you set a goal that every spring you will rearrange and refresh, then your home will feel fresh and free… and so will your spirit. Here’s to all things rejuvenated!

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