Essay: We Were Stuck Where We Wanted to be by Jewels F.

Prompt: Choose a personal reverie that you site whenever you’re experiencing stress, bored in class, scared, alone, etc

In the midst of stress, persecution, and academic rigor, my mind has eliminated my choice to persist in that moment and instead, search for where I long to be. I imagine an experience that has changed my life in the most simplistic of ways. Whenever I think about this moment I can do nothing but smile and exert unsullied bliss. Capitalizing on once in a lifetime moments is so foreign to the millennial culture that I’ve chosen one as my personal reverie. Moreover, the daydream I wish to discuss illustrates spontaneity as the lynchpin of adolescent gaiety.

A 2008 Audi A4 equipped with a roaring engine turns a corner of the deserted suburbs of North Stamford to reveal a park. It wasn’t a children’s park or a dog park. It was a stretch of land with only a small gravel parking lot, a running trail enclosing it, and climbing hilled meadows. It was in the process of being developed, the beginnings of what was to come one might say, much like ourselves. As the car rolled into the driveway of the park, the gravel popped like pop rocks as if it were warning us to prepare ourselves for the most unadulterated form of tranquility we had ever experienced. The song entitled “Then the World Stopped Moving and We Were Stuck Where We Wanted to be” consumed the staticky speakers of that cramped sedan, adding penetrating vibrations to the already overwhelming beauty of the moment. The clouded windows exposed the pastel pink of the infinitely stretched sky. The rose-tinted shades of hope, euphoria, and love draped around four dazed and confidently lost teenagers. One by one we raced out of that car, chasing the sunset. Sapphire, coral, and lavender hues polygamously married in front of our previously black and white filtered eyes. The mixture of colors exquisitely represented the four of us. We all came from different pasts, possessed different beliefs, and wished on different shooting stars. Yet, we all saw ourselves in that sky. We contemplated our lives, tragedies, worries, and futures, all of which seemed so insignificant in comparison to that everlasting sky. None of us were particularly religious, however there was something so inexplicably powerful and higher than ourselves in that summer air. We danced, ran, and cartwheeled through the seemingly boundless fields of that minuscule park, wishing to turn back time to elementary school recess. The sounds of genuine, sincere laughter echoed across the sky and if there is a God, He definitely heard us that night. The four of us radiated happiness to the point where we could almost hold out our hands and tangibly grasp it. We inhaled the purest of air expelled by trees that stood stronger and longer than any of us had been alive. We were a couple of people with immense levels of endocannabinoids and adrenaline under the protective umbrella of that collection of pink matter. The sky became our common ally. For a second we all planted ourselves and just let the earth pass us by, the way it inherently should. We became apart of the infinite universe instead of constantly fighting time, each other, or our ambiguous realities.

For just a moment we weren’t statistics, scores, or stereotypes. The intensity of the fast-paced and technologically driven world we lived in consumed us and we knew that. That scene in the park was literally and figuratively a breath of fresh air for us, something that didn’t come often. Society filled us to the metaphorical brim with expectations, pressures, and divisive variances that none of us knew how to truly escape. So naturally, we looked to the sky as our atlas and we held onto the simplicity of that moment like it would never come again because none of us knew it if it ever would…

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  1. WOW! This piece has a depth of soul that takes you through a magical moment in the life of a teenage girl and her friends, revealing a conscious awareness detailed with passion and imagery. The future is bright for Juliette Finley!

  2. Beautiful, Jewels! I believe you will have many of these moments in your life. Make sure you recognize them when they come and breathe them in fully. They are rare, but that’s what makes them so beautiful! I wish you many moments that leave a print on your heart and whose memory bring you inner peace and unsullied bliss. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow what an amazing story! The descriptive nature of this piece is incredible! What a wordsmith, I’m very impressed. This story brought me right to that park – well, right to my own version of that park- way back when. Thanks so much for sharing this & for taking me back down such a lovely, flower paved road. 😊

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