Unpacking with BelaKharma Episode 3: Margery S. Marcelino

Margery and Kharmaisis Hispanic Heritage Month

This week, Kharma unpacks with Margery Samson Marcelino in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and our voices series.  Margery was featured earlier this week (Hispanic Voices Series: Margery Samson Marcelino, Spain) on BelaKharma.com.  We asked her to unpack with us on the podcast because, as you will hear, her story and journey through her Spanish heritage are widely unknown and unique.  Listen in, leave comments for us or for Margery below.

As discussed in this weeks show, Margery shared with us information on her uncle, General Gregorio del Pilar, a revolutionary in the Philippine-Spanish war and a hero.  As discussed in the show, here is some information on where you can see the movie based on General Pilar aka The Boy General HERE and below is the official trailer for Goyo: The Boy General.  If you are able to see the movie, let us know your thoughts!   

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