Hispanic Voices Series: XXXXX, Spain

It is Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States and to celebrate our Latina sisters, we’ve interviewed a handful of participants for our Hispanic Voices Series to provide a platform to share while we learn a bit more about their background, family life and well… heritage.  

*Note, some of our interviewees have chosen to be kept anonymous.

Welcome, XXXXX from Los Angeles, California!

What is your heritage/background? 
I am first generation born in the United States; my biological parents are from Valladolid, Spain. 
Do you speak your families native language?
Yes, in Spanish.  
When did your family immigrate to the United States?
My mother came to the United States when she was 24 years old. My great-grandmother was already in Los Angeles, working as a house cleaner and cook in homes in Beverly Hills, she was in her mid-thirties.  
Do you still have family in Spain?
The first generation that immigrated to the US in your family, are they still living?
Did that generation openly discuss their reasons for coming here or dreams, aspirations etc?
Yes, they wanted to provide opportunities for their children.  
Do you have any family heirlooms, recipes etc that you pass down through your family?
I have my great-grandmother’s simple gold band ring that she used to wear.  
What language was spoken in your home growing up?
Mostly Spanish 
Did you find it difficult growing up here with parents who were not from here?
Not really, my mother adapted fairly easily and well to the American culture. 
As a mother, can you give an example or two of ways you have taught your daughters to be proud of their heritage?
I have actually failed at this as a mother, being that I primarily only think and speak English, I tend to forget to teach them the language, which is terrible. I do cook some dishes from Spain but ultimately, I would love to take them to Spain a few times in my lifetime.  
What is your take on the current administration and the outlook on immigration?
I honestly have shielded myself from current political affairs as it upsets me.  
Do you identify specifically to your heritage only or do you identify as part of a Hispanic community and culture overall? 
I identify with the Hispanic/Latino community in general.  
What are you most proud of?
I am proud of our culture: music, food, family-oriented lifestyle 
What makes you laugh/happy?
Happy people make me happy (my children), helping others and seeing people succeed makes me incredibly happy. 

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